Dr Alfred Rigney


Heightened Awareness (-2 Awarness)

Heightened Senses (Sight ×2, Hearing ×2)

Divine Relationship (Dreamtime Spirits)

Animal Friendship (Magpie) (-1 Soul Check)

Personal Gear

Highly Skilled (+30 skill points)



Sci-Fi knowledge

Animal Training

Medicine (Diagnosis, psychiatry)

Wilderness Survival (Desert)

Wilderness Tracking (Desert)

Law (Criminal)

Fighting (Pub Brawling)

Cooking (Bush Tucker)



Reaction to racism

Addiced to amphedimenes


Medical Practice

Medical Bag


Kawazaki 250cc


Dr Alfred Rigney was born in the North West Deserts of South Australia, in Pitjantjara lands. His family moved about from time to time visiting relatives. He soon came to stay in Ceduna for a time, where in the local area school Alfred’s academic qualities soon shone out. He was awarded an Aboriginal Scholarship from Pulteney Grammar School, where he boarded, loosing contact with his family and his people.

He graduated at the age of 15 studying science and then medicine at Adelaide University. During his internship at Adelaide Hospital he fell under increasing social isolation and work commitments, and as a result he became addicted to amphetamines which is still with him today. He eventually became a Psychiatrist has a partnership in Adelaide on Hutt Street and as well he is a counselor at Adelaide University.

He has also fell fowl of the law a couple of times, when they have unfairly pulled him over. Both times charges where dismissed for lack of evidence and no case was left to answer. Alfred is very aware of legal rights and has no liking for the police and is very sensitive to racism.

Recently he became involved with one of the students clubs. The Science Fiction Association, when he discovered that his indigenous past might be catching up with him…. he faced a Bunyip and others claim that a group of dingo’s attacked the Bunyip after Al’ had disappeared behind some bushes.

Dr Alfred Rigney

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