The Journal of William Ashby

Current Magic class: Changeling

Session 1: learned to fly, practiced flying.

Session 2: created space warp detector 1.0 (without digital display), discovered that I am constantly warping the space time whatever around me, practiced flying, remembered about the Ars Goetia.

Session 3: Space warp detector 2.0 (w. digital display), demonic possession destroys lesser key of solomon, warping detects fae creatures.

Session 4: gets choked by demonic presence, attempts to summon Orobus – fails & gets told off by demon (who also causes excessive lightbulb explosions), teleports, practice flying & teleporting (latter unsuccessful).

Session 5: prepares to summon Paimon, undergoes hypnosis to discover events that occurred during childhood (i.e. demon summoning and in particular find out WHICH demon) – ends badly with Al being spectral thrown & another warning from demon, warps weather to be stormy, practices powers, warp detector doesn’t work on ghosts.

Session 5.5: Paimon was successfully summoned, and a pact was formed allowing Paimon control of body during sleeping hours, and 1 year every 100 years. Paimon also provided answers to some questions, as well as immortality and a ‘measure of his power’. Revealed that my powers are not from ‘this plane of existance’ and are unlikely to be demonic in nature.

Session 6: Bumped into faries, got attacted by one group of them (unseelie), knocked myself out and killed them, analysed blood & found that it was made up of unknown Baryon types (pentaquarks), analysed my own blood found the same was true, turned into midget @ one point.

Session 7: Worked more on pentaquarks, met Bruce, bought love potion & Fae location/books, mused on the nature of a deterministic universe (& thus refused to heal random npc), ran from Paris.

Session 8: More Pentaquark stuff, discovered info about my changeling nature (inc. what happened to the human boy I replaced) & was amused by coincidences, got myself a fae communication amulet (only works at leyline crossings), fed pixies pixie sticks, gave phil love potion to love himself; failed, gave phil love potion to give to another; success, decided to dispense poetic justice and gave victim of love potion love potion to give to phil; success, roleplayed demon, teleported & collected shotgun

The Journal of William Ashby

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