The Journal of Alfred Rigney

Dr Alfred Rigney’s Inquiry into the state of phenomenon and illusion in the modern age.

May 19, 2010

I have decided to chronicle the events of my companions and myself for prosperity and to further both scientific and metaphysical knowledge. My companions and I have become involved in what can only be understood as supernatural matters. We are in search of a set of books known as “The Old Ways” for a society. The books I believed connected to the powers that are manifesting themselves not only in the locations we find them but in my companions and myself.

The most recent concern is the manifestation of what can only be known as lycanthrope in Sasha Volkunov, and his possible assault upon persons, the identities of which shall remain hidden for the purposes of this journal. In response to the incidents, Sasha has run off. Though we have left a message for him to meet us in Greece; I hope he will arrive there safely. As we approach Venice I hope I can gain access to some medical journals from the local university and a laptop computer so I can access some information and determine a possible course of treatment which will alleviate at least some of the problems Sasha will face. My initial thoughts are some meditation exercises combined with sedatives (Procaine Propranolol) and muscle relaxants as a drug therapy. I hope during my journey aboard the ship from Venice to Greece I can come to some final conclusions.

I am also concerned with my own condition, it would seem I am some how communicating and communing with the animal world. I have begun to research the Kadaitcha (meaning ritual killing) man in Aboriginal culture, and how the animal spirits are connected with my cultural ancestors. Singing seems to be important ritual for some of the medicine man’s powers as does pointing the bone (or some totemic fetish), perhaps I should look for a similar item it seems with all that is happening, I may need all the help I can get. Finally they also seem to be capable of sorcery or black magic, which was always exercised upon other tribes with the intent to do harm. Perhaps I should talk to William Ashby on this, he seems to know much about such metaphysical matters.

Chapter Two: Aspects of Traditional Aboriginal Australia (see page 2:16)


‘During the creation period, ancestral beings made journeys and performed deeds; they fought, loved, hunted, behaved badly or well, rather like the Greek gods, and where they camped or hurled spears or gave birth, tell-tale marks were left in the earth. While creating this topography, they were morphing constantly from animal to human and back to animal, again rather like the Greeks…….. a particular country is shared by all creatures who live there, their essences arising from the Dreaming, and returning to it…… Thus the pulse of life spreads, blood-like, through the body of the continent……. At the end of that epoch, exhausted by their work, they sank back into the ground at sacred sites, where their power remains in condensed forms…….. Each sacred site contains a potentially limitless supply of the particular species left there by an ancestor. But in order to ensure their continued generation, ceremonial action is required. If this isn’t done, or isn’t done properly, that life-form will eventually disappear…. Children, too, are born from the ancestor’s spirit which arises out of its place to impregnate a woman. Such children belong to and have responsibility for that place, and will return to it after death, so that its life potential isn’t dissipated. “ .... Robyn Davidson, Australian explorer/ author ‘Tracks’

The Journal of Alfred Rigney

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