William Ashby


Infernal Relationship (1 reroll)

Organisational Ties (Freemasons)

Heightened Awareness

Heighened Senses (Sight ×2)


Stat Bonus (All)

Highly Skilled (+20)

Personal Gear


Artisan (Bookbinding)

Biological Sciences (Virology)

Computers (Programming)

Electronics (Scientific)

Gaming (Computer Games)

Mechanics (Industrial)

Physical Sciences (Physics)

Social Sciences (Physchology)

Stealth (Silent Walking)

Writing (Academic, Technical)

Cultural Arts (Sci-Fi, Occultism)



Sensory Impare. (Smell/touch)

Physically unappealing




Mobile Phone

Science Lab

Tool Kit


Pretty normal childhood overall (now days anyway) – father left when William was 3, and eventually left the state when William was 5. As such, with a depressant mother, William had to grow up fast and more or less missed his childhood becoming quiet and bookish at an early age. He has always been curious about most things and this lead him to deciding, at a young age, to become a scientist in order to attempt to satisfy this burning curiousity. However, this curiousity lead him also to the occult and, as an older child (assuming 10-15), he attempted to summon a demon. However, after the event, etc, he is curiously unable to remember the prep or summoning itself.

More or less, his life is uneventful after this particular event and has, ever since, been continuing to attempt to achieve his dream of satisfying his curiousity and finally understanding the nature of reality.

Is currently doing his PhD with/through the DSTO on “Mathematical & Physical Similarities Between Modern Sciences and Ancient Occultist Texts with Applications to Defence” – or something to that manner. It’s a game alright?!

Has the Elemental Power of Awesome.

Happy now, Oh masterful GM?

William Ashby

The Old Ways Dissonance