Phillip Morrison

The President of the Sci-Fi club. He is a well dressed guy with long brown hair and designer glasses


Organisational Ties to the CSIRO (Respected Status)

Heightened Sense of Hearing (x2)

Stat Bonus to Soul (Bonus of 2)

Highly Skilled (20 extra points)

Personal Gear (4 Major, 16 Minor)


Biological Sciences (Bacteria/viruses)

Computers (Research Databases)

Cultural Arts (Sci-Fi), (Japanese Culture)

Linguistics (Spanish)

Physical Science (Chemistry), (Biochemistry)

Writing (Technical)

Driving (Car)

Japanese Tea Ceremony


Impaired Vision


Not so fast (+2 penalty)


Major: Owns own Apartment

Major: CSIRO Chemistry Lab

Major: Top of the line Laptop

Major: Car- Honda Civic

Minor: Mobile Phone

Minor: Extensive Sci-Fi Collection

Minor: Extensive Anime collection

Minor: Designer clothes

Minor: Camping Gear


Background: High Society Nerd

Income: Family & Uni

University Studies: Currently doing a PhD in Organic Chemistry

Home & Family: Lives in own apartment in Norwood. Recieves money from family investments

Phillip Morrison

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