• ASIO Agent

    ASIO Agent

    The Man that questioned Sasha
  • Charles O’Ryan

    Charles O’Ryan

    Personal Assistant to Meredith
  • Conrad Daletsky

    Conrad Daletsky

    Russian Mobster
  • Jeeves


    The London Office Butler
  • Ken Morrison

    Ken Morrison

    Rich Business Man who was haunted by a Boggart
  • Lilly


    The Sci-Fi club geek with glasses and pig tails
  • Meredith Woods

    Meredith Woods

    The President of the Melbourne office of “The Society for the Study of Ancient Literature”. A well dressed and attractive business woman.
  • Rupert Jones

    Rupert Jones

    Owner of the Silver Page bookstore. An old man who wears a tweed suit, a tartan vest and a monocle.
  • Tony O'Reilly

    Tony O'Reilly

    Rich Irishman who has seen his double on several occasions.