The Old Ways

Session 7: Death & Potions

The group arrives in London on Friday the 4th December and return the book. The party question Jeeves for more information on the books and learn that their powers are likely to increase as they find more of them. Jeeves arranges for some fake I.Ds to be made, which are ready the next day. The group then head off to Paris, where they approach a newspaper asking about the Ankou sightings. Learning the location of 2 graveyards where it has been sighted, they head off to make preparations. This is when they see a shady character dressed in a black trench coat sneaking into a shop called the “Magique Fournitures et Potions de Gaston Benoit”, meaning the “Magic Supplies and Potions of Gaston Benoit.” Intrigued by the name of the shop and the character that entered it, the group decides to investigate. AS they enter, the other man rushes back out. The shop owner then mistakes William for someone else and gives him a parcel of potions containing Snakebite Antidote (Antidote pour Morsure de Serpent), Petrifaction protection Oil (pétrification protection pétrole, and Healing Salves (Guérison Pommades).

When the party head out to the graveyard that night Nick and Alfred both see the Ankou, but no one else can see it. Alfred gets close enough to the Ankou to see that it is writing names and dates on a stone tablet. The dates all lie within the next week and the name at the top of the list is Gaston Benoit, the magic shop owner. Alfred and Nick confirm that the figure they can see is indeed some sort of spirit, not just someone dressed up and conclude that his list is a list of people who are soon to die.

Sasha chose not to join the search, instead he waited in the car to do some reading. When the party returns to the car they find that he has gone (and there is no sign of bears). They search for him, but don’t find him until the morning when he returns to the car to find some of them sleeping in it. The next day Sasha went to question Gaston, but lost his temper in an uncontrollable rage and killed him. The group make plans to flee for Greece (guessing that the potion kit given to William is related to the story about snakes in Knossos), but Sasha has disappeared after admitting to them that he killed Gaston.



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