The Old Ways

Session 6: The Irish Times have ended

William summoned Paimon and made a pact that allowed Paimon to share William’s body. This summoning was witnessed by Alfred and Clayton.

While Alfred and Clayton slept in (possibly due to the effects of the summoning from the previous night), the rest of the group followed up on a lead that William got from his demon “friend”. The lead was the Hill of Tara. Upon arrival, William, Sasha, Nicholas and Phillip went to the “Mound of Hostages”. They eventually find some recently replaced dirt and begin digging. During this time William investigates the strange lights that they had seen on the way in. The lights morph into the form of fairies. Talking to the fairies, he learns that they were trapped until recently and are now returning home. These were the nice fairies, but he also encounters the evil fairies who attack him. He knocks himself out to willingly let the demon take control of his body so that it is able to defeat the fairies.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Nick’s digging uncovers a box. Sasha thinks that it is best to leave the opening of the box for later in case the contents are very old and fragile. A clean room will need to be setup for this purpose. With the fairies defeated and the book probably found, they leave the tomb and begin to make their way back to Dublin. On the walk back to the road, they see a car drive up to the tomb. Sasha can overhear them discussing the book. They send Phillip off with the box (that Nick peeked into to see that it does indeed contain a book) and sneak back to the tomb in order to learn more. They cannot see the car, but soon find it and discover that it has been cloaked. Nick and William attempt to break into the car and get shot at by a sniper who is camped on the top of the mound- also invisible. Sasha wrestles with the sniper- killing him and getting the gun, while the other two successfully break into and hot wire the car.

This is when Sasha develops a very hairy coat, like that of a bear, although he does not transform beyond human form. With the car hot-wired and ready to go, the group sees that another identical car has appeared next to this one, complete with identical number plate- how strange! Also William briefly shrank to about ¼ of his size. The group escape in the stolen car and get back to their hotel unscathed.

The next day, Nick goes to the hire car company that owned the car they stole in the guise of a police officer and used his acting skills to convince them that he found their car after it had been stolen and dumped. He got the information about the people who hired the car, but the ID was all found to be fake.

With a clean room setup in Nick’s hotel room, Sasha investigates the book. He studies it further and learns more about the nature of the books. They seem to be written in a phonetic text that has recorded an unknown verbal language. Some of the other text that he does recognise suggests that the books are not specifically designed to summon things, but also to bind things. With this knowledge the group deicide it is time to head back to London to return the book. They will then head for France to follow the lead on Grave Robbers.



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