The Old Ways

Session 5: Time for Ireland

On the 1st December the party make their way to the London airport in order to board a plane for Dublin. This is where Sasha is pulled aside by airport for questioning about his connections to Conrad Daletsky, who is a known Russian Mafia criminal. He is also stripped searched as a matter of National Security. It was later revealed that the person questioning him was from ASIO and that ASIO will be watching him from now on. Sasha was completely unimpressed by the way he was treated by the airport security and filed a complaint at the police office. While filing a complaint he was arrested and further investigated. Not having enough solid evidence, the police were forced to release him and a settlement payout was made by the London Airport Security Office as compensation for his grievances.

The rest of the party caught their flight without Sasha- not realising what had happened to him. When they arrived in Dublin they contacted Jeeves to find out. In the mean time, they went about their own affairs. William began preparing to summon Paimon and underwent hypnotherapy with Alfred. Clayton had a work out in the gym and Nick read the newspaper in the Hotel restaurant.

Sasha arrived later that night and they all reconvened in the restaurant. While eating dinner and discussing plans, they overheard a conversation on the table next to them. The two Italian men on this table had been hearing an unusual bird call outside their hotel room window. The party investigated this bird call and found that a banshee was haunting the men. This haunting was soon followed by the death of a wife/relative of these men. After the banshee haunting ceased, a trowel was found outside a room down the hall from the Italian men. It had a note attached that read: “Tara, meet me at the mound with your spade”.

Sasha looks into the stories from the Irish Times newspaper and finds out that Kylemore Abbey, the site of the headless horseman sightings is of little historical importance.

The party decided to investigate the story about people’s doubles. They found out that Tony O’Reilly a rich and famous Irishman had seen his double on several occasions. While at his house, Sasha overhears a rumour about a leprechaun at Brian Boru’s fort. William performs a search of O’Reilly’s library and finds a book about the Stones of Ireland that was removed from the shelves. Inside the front cover there is a map of the stones that has been ripped out. The fore mentioned Brian Boru’s fort is on this map.

The party are asked to leave the O’Reilly mansion as time is getting on, but they should come back tomorrow to investigate the story further.



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