The Old Ways

Session 4: Books & Dragons

On November the 27th, the party looked into the reports of UFO sightings in Tintagel. The residents of Tintagel all claimed to see bright orange lights flashing in the sky and a large dark shadow could be seen behind these lights. The party all saw the same thing when they looked out at the sky that night. At one stage the lights moved inland and stopped above Tintagel Castle. Some of the party broke into the castle to see if they could find any more evidence. This is where they found the remains from a recent fire in the King Arthur museum. They also found an old store room with signs of a large beast residing here. They decided to call it a night after this.

Whilst’ the party were sleeping in the Hostel room that night, they awoke to the sounds of William crying out. Alfred examined him and found that he had a dangerously high fever. He called emergency services and did what he could to get the fever down before William was taken to hospital. Once the fever was stabilised, the doctor at the hospital found a bad bruise around William’s neck that looked like the marks of an attempted strangulation. He then made William stay in the hospital for 24 hours.

The next day, Nick, Sasha and Clayton went to the Castle where they joined a guided tour. Sasha’s newly heightened vision enabled him to spot that the cover of the well had been moved slightly since the night before. He motioned to the others, although only Clayton noticed and the 2 of them snuck away from the group and went down the well. Here they found that the well was linked to a tunnel, which they followed into a cave. In the cave they see a Dragon sleeping on top of a pile of coins and books. The book that they want is sitting under the Dragon’s claws. Clayton attempted to steak up and grab the book, while Sasha took aim with his rifle from a safer distance. The plan failed, however, and the Dragon awoke letting out a burst of burning hot liquid from his mouth before ascending through a tunnel, taking the book with him. The liquid burnt both Clayton and Sasha, and set the whole cave alight. Sasha dropped his rifle in the well and they fled for their lives. The tour group found them and had them taken to hospital. Clayton was kept in the hospital for a while, but Sasha was released after being examined and found to be okay.

Sasha went to the police to try and get info on his dropped rifle, but found them to be very unhelpful and quite incompetent. When he finally got to speak to a different officer the next day, he did learn that they were investigating a potential terrorist group and that they found and confiscated a weapon cache from within the well.

Clayton received another stalker letter while in hospital. It read “You will pay for what you did to me”.

Once out of Hospital, William went about trying to summon a demon for some answers. While drawing the chalk circle for the ritual, the chalk broke, but William found himself teleported into an art shop after thinking that he needs more chalk. He carefully got the chalk he needed, leaving the money for it and teleported back to the ritual circle. He completed the ritual but the summoning attempt failed. The ritual ended with a loud booming voice speaking to him. It said “You will not betray me”.

Nick spent some time researching dragon mythology and the legends of King Arthur. This is where he learnt that a dragon slayer must be pure of heart. After ringing the London office and discussing the situation, the party decided to call in an airstrike to help them catch the Dragon. The Dragon was finally slain by the Air Force at the Jetty, and Alfred used his super speed to obtain the book in the nick of time.

As the party were leaving the jetty, Nick turned invisible for a brief moment.



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