The Old Ways

Session 3: The Hunt Begins

The party travel to London, arriving on Tuesday 24th November in the late evening. The London office is bigger and much more luxurious, offering private quarters for all of the party. The members are retiring for the night when the party arrive, so they are unable to discuss things, but the party are given the Daily Telegraph, which contains stories with potential leads.

On Wednesday the 25th the party set out for the Forest of Dean to investigate the missing people, but this lead turns out to be a dead end, with the cause of the missing people merely being a pack of wolves who made their den deep in the caves.

On Thursday the 26th the party meet Ken Morrison, owner of a large supermarket chain, who believes he is being haunted by a ghost. Investigations reveal that there is a Boggart in the house and that nailing a horse shoe to the door the right way up will dispel the pesky little thing. The party also learn that the arrival of the Boggart coincided with the arrival of a new desk that contians a secret compartment. One of the delivery men seemed suspicious to Morrison. When looking into this further it was found that the delivery company has dissolved and that the business folded on the day of the Morrison delivery.

When leaving Morrison’s house the party find a couple of tourist brochures dropped on the ground outside the local library just down the road. These brochures are for Stone Henge and Tintagel Castle.

Also during his stay at the London Office, Clayton recieved 2 letters from an anonomous sender. They were written by sticking clippings from magazines together to spell words.

The first one said: “I am waching you”

The second one said: “Why don’t you love me?”

The clippings have been taken from women’s magazines.

On Friday 27th Nov the Party head to Tintagel to investigate the UFO sightings. They learn that the sighting are bright flashing lights that are Orange in colour with a dark shadow behind them.

To be continued…



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