The Old Ways

Session 2: Finding the Book, losing the Bookshop owner.

Over the course of the weekend the party research the nature of the Bunyip- sending Phillip off to analyse the samples. The results gave the following info:

“The DNA is most similar to that of a Walrus, but lacking a lot of the genes from more recent evolution. It has some similarities to the platypus as well. There are a few unique active genes that I can’t explain. They don’t resemble the genes found in any known mammal or sea creature. They seem to be a very simple sequence that suggests the primitive nature of the beast. You would not see this sort of actively expressed gene in any modern mammal because it would be too prone to detrimental errors in RNA translation. The other tests I ran gave some interesting results too. It seems to have an unusually large amount of sulfur in it and it contains lithium and beryllium, two elements that are not known to exists in the composition of organic life forms”

Sasha searches for the book- finding it in the Barr Smith library’s special reserve collection, but strangely it was only listed on 1 catalogue.

Nick identifies the creature as Bunyip by uploading a photo of it to the internet on his iPhone.

William builds a space/time warp detector and finds that he is warping space.

Alfred investiates his aborginal heritage in search of answers.

When the party go to the Bookshop to meet Rupert on Monday night, they find that he is not there, but has left a note:

Dear Supermen,

If I am not here when you arrive it means I have been delayed by an unpleasant situation. Please do not try to find me as it may endanger your lives. I am sorry I cannot answer your questions, but my associates in Melbourne should be able to help you. You can find them at “The Society for the Study of Ancient Literature”. They could use your help too and will pay you handsomely for that book if you managed to get your hands on it, as well as reward you generously for any research work you carry out for them. I have enclosed Air Fares for you to get to Melbourne. Good Luck.”

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Rupert Jones

When looking for ways to conceal weapons on the flight, Clayton discover’s that he possess a “Sword Space” in his jacket- an extra dimensional space that can be used to conceal melee weapons. Williamlearns that this jacket also warps space.

The party travel to Melbourne and are accomodated at “The Society for the Study of Ancient Literature”.

The Society pay $6,000 ($1,000 each) for the book and work on translating it. It takes Meredith 4 days to partially translate the book with the help of Sasha. This is what she reveals:

““The book is written in an ancient arcane script used in Europe from about 1000 BC til the end of the Dark Ages. I have only been able to translate parts of the book, but that is enough to determine that most of the book is written for an unknown language, thus cannot be translated. But it doesn’t require translation to be of use because there are a few passages throughout the book written for a known language that I could translate and that provides enough context for me to get the gist of the book’s purpose. The book seems to be some sort of magic ritual book that summons Aboriginal folklore monsters from another dimension. That would explain the appearance of the Bunyip you saw. It doesn’t really explain why you all have the powers that you do unfortunately, but you might find more answers in the other books. This book mentions that there are 13 other books like it around the world. They are collectively known as “The Old Ways of the World” and each one is named for the region it was written in.”

She gives the party a quest to search for the remaining 13 books. The quest will be dangerous, but it is also an all expenses paid tour of the world with a comission of $6,000 paid for each book found. Perhaps the search will also help unravel the mysteries of the party’s new found powers.

The Society also have offices in London and Oklahoma. The party decide to travel to London first.



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