The Old Ways

Session 1: A Bunyip Attacks!

On Friday the 13th Novemeber 2009 the Sci-Fi club of Adelaide University meet for the last session of the year. It is a hot night, so the meeting is held on the banks of the Torrens. This meeting is interrupted by the appearance of a strange beast that has a dog-like face, dark fur, a horse-like tail, flippers, and walrus-like tusks. It eats a bird then turns to attack the group. Several members of the club turn and run, but six people stay to fight because they feel an uncontrollable urge to do so. (The Player Characters plus the shared NPC/GMPC- “Phillip Morrison”.)
    While fighting the Bunyip these characters unleash powers that are apparently supernatural in nature:
    • Nick discoveres that he can unleash a flaming attack when throwing his knives.
    • Sasha develops a heightened sense of hearing and deals massive amounts of damage to the Bunyip with his bare hands
    • Alfred turns into a Dingo and joins a pack of diongos that aid him in the battle.
    • William gains the ability to fly.
    • Clayton draws his sword and unleashes a mighty attack in super quick succession.
    • Phillip apparently felt something, but it is not apparent what the nature of his power is.

    The fight is witnessed by a mysterious man who approaches the group and requests them to meet him at his bookshop. He hands over his business card then dashes off ahead (for an actual reason!). His name is Rupert Jones and he is intrigued by the events of the evening- particulary the powers of the group. He arranges to meet again on Monday and asks the group to help him search for a book known as “The Old Ways of Australia”.



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